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3 Hublot Watches That Retain Their Value

By Donato Emilio Andrioli

If you’re a watch enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed by now that Hublot doesn’t quite enjoy the same sterling reputation as Rolex, Omega, or Patek Philippe. The luxury watchmaker is a favorite target for YouTube videos and watch blogs, but I think all the negative press is undeserved. Hublot offers some fascinating, unique designs that you don’t see every day, oftentimes daring to do things completely new or against the grain.

I’ve come to really appreciate the creative, artistic approach that is immediately evident in the brand’s products. That said, I also understand why Hublot is less popular among watch fans. For starters, it’s a relative youngster in the industry at just 43 years old, giving it much less history to look back on compared to traditional luxury brands. Furthermore, Hublot watches are known for their relatively high value depreciation, which isn’t exactly appealing given the fact that we all work hard for our money, right?

That aside, I was able to find three Hublot models that are anything but cash-burners. Each of these has shown decent value retention over the years. Who knows? Perhaps I can even recruit some Hublot converts with these models.

Depreciation is a foreign concept for some Hublot watches.

The Hublot Icon: Hublot Classic Fusion

What the Submariner is to Rolex and the Speedmaster Professional is to Omega, the Classic Fusion is to Hublot, i.e., a genuine icon. The model draws on the design of the Hublot MDM Genève from 1980, and is made entirely of titanium. While the Classic Fusion is now available in much larger sizes, I personally prefer the 42-mm variant. Thanks to the slim profile of just 10 mm, this classic Hublot rests seamlessly on the wrist and could almost pass as a sporty dress watch. The model encompasses everything I’d expect from a purebred Hublot: the porthole design, misaligned screws, and a prominent second hand. These features make the dial look downright plain in comparison. The same could be said of the rather elegant rubber strap, which is the perfect pairing for this timepiece. Despite all its individuality, the Hublot Classic Fusion is a watch that could be worn in just about any setting and with any attire – just like the Rolex Sub or Omega Speedmaster. The main difference between the latter two watches and the Hublot, however, is that you definitely won’t see the Classic Fusion on every second wrist. That, and the fact that the Hublot relies on a modified Sellita caliber (read more about Sellita here) as opposed to an in-house movement. To be honest, the ébauche movement leaves a little to be desired from a watch of this caliber, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty typical of Hublot. This is definitely another reason why the brand is falling behind some of the industry giants in terms of popularity. But what about the model’s financial performance? Well, depreciation is not a word you’ll hear in connection with the Hublot Classic Fusion; this stylish watch is one of the most stable performers in the whole Hublot lineup. Over the last two years, the model has even seen a slight increase in value – surprising, to say the least. If you opt to buy a new one for the going market rate of $6,500, you’re unlikely to experience any major losses. If you opt for a pre-owned Classic Fusion, you really won’t have to fret about value retention.

Die Hublot Classic Fusion ist erstaunlich wertstabil
The Hublot Classic Fusion holds its value surprisingly well.

Loud and Proud: Hublot Big Bang

The next Hublot I want to talk about is much bolder than the Classic Fusion, and it certainly lives up to its name: The Hublot Big Bang measures 44 mm across, making it well-suited to larger wrists. Watch enthusiasts with a penchant for sizable, sporty watches will be pleased with what they find in this series. While it may sound pretty massive, the dimensions actually perfectly suit the chronograph. Its steel case is beautiful finished with a blend of polished and matte surfaces, and the glossy black dial offers plenty of eye-catching red accents to keep things interesting. The textured rubber strap perfectly complements the watch’s black flanks. While this unusual design feature isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, we are dealing with Hublot here. With a depth rating of 100 m (328 ft), the Hublot Big Bang is suitable for everyday use. That said, its power reserve of just 42 hours falls a bit short, especially for such a large watch, as does its movement, which again is based on a Sellita caliber much to the chagrin of many a watch lover. However, these shortfalls don’t seem to impact the value of the Big Bang too much. You won’t have to worry about losing loads of money with this model, especially if you go for a used watch or find a new one for below the MSRP. In fact, market prices for the eye-catching Hublot Big Bang even rose slightly between 2022 and 2023.

Die Hublot Big Bang ist wertstabiler als ihr Ruf
The Hublot Big Bang performs better than its reputation lets on.

Even Lounder, Even Prouder: Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic

More, more, more: The Hublot Big Bang Unico is by far the most expensive Hublot on this list with a market price pushing $17,000. The luxury watch manufacturer was obviously letting off a little steam when they crafted this model. The 44-mm watch features a titanium case completely surrounded by a black ceramic bezel. The elaborate, skeletonized dial reveals the beating heart of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Ceramic: an in-house Hublot movement. Hublot can build its own calibers after all? Yes indeed! The automatic Unico caliber, which gives the watch its name, offers a flyback function and column-wheel construction. A whopping 72-hour power reserve keeps the Big Bang Unico ticking away seamlessly even if you park it for a little while and go for a subtler look. And what about the infamous Hublot depreciation? Well, it may come as a surprise, but this Hublot has pretty good value retention despite its bold looks – as long as you buy an unworn model on the secondary market or opt for a pre-owned watch. If the 44-mm size and loud design are a bit too much for you, fear not: The watch is also available in a 42-mm variant.

Auch die auffälligste Hublot aus diesem Artikel ist erstaunlich wertstabil – solange Sie zum Marktpreis kaufen
Even the most eye-catching Hublot in this article is surprisingly stable in value – as long as you get one on the secondary market.

Hublot and Value Retention

These three timepieces prove that even the biggest and boldest Hublot watches enjoy relatively stable financial performance. As long as you forget the MSRP and buy new at the going market rate or even used, you shouldn’t have to worry about major losses. Given the relatively low levels of popularity, if you want to resell, the bigger headache will be finding a buyer. With a little time and patience, however, even the loudest Hublot will find a new home. But before you think about that, you want to have a watch you can enjoy every day, right? Well, if you go for the Hublot Classic Fusion, you’ll have a perfect daily wearer that will set you apart from the masses.

Die Hublot Big Bang Unico bietet ein Manufakturwerk
The Hublot Big Bang Unico features an in-house movement.

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