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Cult Classic: Top-10 Mickey Mouse Watches

By Barbara Korp

Mickey Mouse has been delighting fans of all ages for 95 years now. The character’s cult following fully reveals itself each year on November 18th, aka Mickey Mouse Day. The date commemorates the 1928 premiere of Steamboat Willie, one of the first cartoons to feature synchronized sound and, of course, the beloved mouse. This moment set the course for Mickey to win over the hearts of millions, and November 18th has since been celebrated as the mouse’s birthday. As you well know, Mickey’s fame isn’t relegated to the silver screen alone; no, the mouse has also taken the watch world by storm. If you’re in the market for a Mickey Mouse watch to celebrate November 18th in style, look no further. Here are our 10 favorites:

1. Rolex – Air-King Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Rolexes are some of the rarest watches from the Swiss brand, but they can still be purchased at relatively affordable prices. How can this be, you wonder? Well, it can’t be said for certain that Rolex ever officially released Mickey Mouse watches. All we know is that Disney was tight with Rolex back in the day. It is, therefore, assumed that there may have been original entry-level Rolex models released with Mickey Mouse motifs, although they could have well been post-production additions instead.

Rolex – Air King Mickey Mouse
Rolex – Air-King Mickey Mouse

Regardless of whether they were straight off the Rolex presses or modified afterwards, vintage Mickey Mouse Rolexes, including this Air-King, exude incomparable charm and give you the opportunity to get your hands on a Rolex for cheap (relatively speaking).

2. Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Date Mickey

While the classic Rolex Mickey Mouse dial with the mouse front and center is anything but subtle, there are Rolex variants with more subdued nods to the beloved character. On this watch, for example, he casually leans against the 9 o’clock index. You can tell that this is an original Rolex dial, but was Mickey always there? In the end, does it really matter one way or another? Why not just revel in the retro charm of this Mickey Mouse watch!

Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Date Mickey
Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Date Mickey

3. Citizen – Mickey Mouse With an Annual Calendar and Moon Phase

This quartz model from Citizen proves that Mickey Mouse watches don’t have to be basic. This one features both an annual calendar and a moon phase display. The mouse stands in as the 6 o’clock hour marker and is relatively discreet given its modest size. That said, you can’t deny the childlike wonder of this watch. Mickey even looks as though he’s positively fascinated by the phases of the Moon. Thanks to the model’s 43-mm size, this is a perfect option for men with an affinity for the lunar cycle and the mouse himself.

Citizen – Mickey Mouse Jahreskalender
Citizen – Mickey Mouse watch with an annual calendar and moon phase

4. Citizen – Mickey Mouse Annual Calendar

Yes, there’s yet another annual calendar watch from Citizen featuring Mickey. This time, the design is even more discreet, with the iconic mouse shape serving as a subtle dial pattern. The moon phase is likewise in the shape of Mickey – adorable! Like all Eco-Drive models, this timepiece is powered by light, meaning you’ll never have to worry about changing the battery. Whether you are eco-savvy or a huge Mickey fan, Citizen’s Mickey Mouse watches are definitely some of our favorites!

5. Vostok – Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse didn’t just make his mark on the West, but was also a household name in the USSR. In the 1970s, cartoons proliferated in the Soviet Union and Mickey made his way into the hearts of countless children and adults alike. His popularity is proven by this Mickey Mouse watch from Vostok.

Vostok – Mickey Mouse
Vostok – Mickey Mouse

The Soviet watch brand released a series of limited-edition models featuring cartoon characters in the late 1970s, including this one with Mickey Mouse. Today, these timepieces aren’t just interesting historical relics, but at 37 mm across, they are also the ideal Mickey watches for women.

6. Swatch – Spot Mickey Swatch x Damien Hirst

It probably comes as no surprise that Swatch has several Mickey Mouse watches on the market. To mark Mickey’s 90th birthday, the brand released a limited Swatch designed by famed British artist Damien Hirst. He was inspired by early drawings of the mouse, using them to craft a futuristic timepiece featuring a stylized Mickey against a mirrored backdrop. The timepiece was released in a limited run of 1,999 pieces and quickly became a sought-after collector’s item. After all, there are few watches that combine tradition and modernity as well as this Mickey Swatch!

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7. Swatch – Swatch x Keith Haring Eclectic Mickey

Artist Keith Haring likewise turned to Mickey as inspiration for his Swatch design. Whether in black, white, or color, all three models perfectly capture the spirit of the cult character. The best thing about this series? It’s the perfect choice for families given the range of sizes – a Mickey watch for all!

8. Gérald Genta – Mickey Mouse Automatic

Even the biggest names in the industry can’t get enough of the mouse. In the 1980s, Gérald Genta launched models featuring the iconic Disney character under his own brand. This was pretty provocative at the time: high-quality mechanical watches with flashy comic imagery? Not at all in keeping with the zeitgeist of the 80s. Nevertheless, these models quickly earned a following and continue to demand interest and remain among the most expensive Mickey Mouse watches in the world!

Gérald Genta – Mickey Mouse Automatic
Gérald Genta – Mickey Mouse Automatic

9. Bvlgari/Gérald Genta – Aréna Bi-Retrograde Mickey Mouse

Bvlgari eventually took over the Gérald Genta brand, but continued the Mickey legacy under their own flag. Here, Mickey’s arm serves as a retrograde minute display, while the hours are displayed digitally in a window. The watch is powered by an in-house Bvlgari caliber. I can’t think of a more stunning combination of complication and comic charm.

Bulgari/Gérald Genta – Aréna Bi-Retrograde Mickey Mouse
Bvlgari/Gérald Genta – Aréna Bi-Retrograde Mickey Mouse

10. Apple Watch – Mickey Mouse

Mickey clearly isn’t just a thing of the past. The cult mouse has even found his way onto the Apple Watch. Not only can you select Mickey and Minnie design motifs, but the two mice can even tell you the time. What better proof is there that this mouse remains forever young, even at 95 years of age!

Final Thoughts

We personally love Mickey Mouse watches. Not only do they boast endearing designs, but they are fun – plain and simple. Having a Mickey Mouse watch in our collection keeps things light and reminds us not to take this hobby too seriously.

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