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Performance of the Discontinued Rolex Daytona Le Mans

By Sebastian Swart

Performance of the Discontinued Rolex Daytona Le Mans

Rolex caused quite a stir in 2023 with the introduction of the Daytona Le Mans ref. 126529LN. And then again in April 2024, when the brand announced the model would be discontinued. Ever since, we’ve witnessed some interesting price developments on the Chrono24 marketplace for this very special Daytona. Here are all the details.

Facts About the Rolex Daytona Le Mans 126529LN

Rolex introduced the Daytona Le Mans ref. 126529LN in June 2023 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans circuit. The model took most of the watch world by surprise, and only made its appearance after Watches and Wonders had wrapped up. This timepiece is special in a number of ways: First, you can’t help but notice that it features a completely redesigned reverse panda dial, which, upon closer inspection, actually shares some similarities with the legendary Daytona “Paul Newman” ref. 6263. Another striking feature is the red “100” on the watch’s black tachymeter scale below 7 o’clock. Despite the sporty nature of the watch, the 18K white gold case and bracelet are decidedly elegant.

Rolex Daytona Le Mans 126529LN – zum 100. Geburtstag der Rennstrecke von Le Mans
Rolex Daytona Le Mans 126529LN – in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans circuit

Rolex also updated Daytona caliber 4131 for the release, referring to it as the caliber 4132 here. The movement features two patented Rolex mechanisms: the Paraflex shock protection system and the Chronergy escapement, which shields the caliber from strong magnetic fields. The caliber 4132 also enables wearers to time periods up to 24 hours, as opposed to the standard Daytona’s 12 hours. Finally, while other Daytona variants have a solid case back, the Le Mans is fitted with a display case back made of sapphire crystal, affording viewers a look at the golden rotor at work – a novelty in the Daytona-verse.

How is the Daytona Le Mans performing on Chrono24?

When the Rolex Daytona Le Mans first debuted, its official list price was $51,400. As is to be expected from a sought-after watch from this manufacturer, market prices almost immediately skyrocketed above the MSRP. Between July 2023, when the first listing for the watch appeared on Chrono24, and April of this year, there have been significant changes to supply and demand on the marketplace. To sum things up:

At the end of August 2023, the average asking price on Chrono24 was around $250,000. At the time, there were only two listings for the watch on Chrono24. Most likely due to a lack of demand and a slight increase in the number of listings, prices fell to $220,000 by mid-September. As the year progressed and more and more sellers began listing Daytona Le Mans examples, prices continued to fluctuate. By December 2023, prices were resting around the $225,000 mark. However, this wasn’t the bottom of the trend; in March 2024, prices dipped to “just” $218,000. The reason? An increasing number of offers and pretty linear buyer interest.

In hindsight, then until April 9, 2024, would have been the ideal time to purchase a 126529LN. Anyone who didn’t take the plunge would’ve been met with a sudden 20% drop in supply and a price surge north of $270,000 by the middle of the month. It’s interesting to note that up until April 9th, when Rolex announced the end of production for the ref. 126529LN, searches for the model were pretty steady. Immediately following the announcement, search volumes increased by some 1,500%.

More Affordable Alternatives to the Rolex Daytona Le Mans

If you like the look of the Le Mans, but don’t have more than 200k at the ready, there are a number of cheaper Daytona alternatives on the market that could also be seen as viable alternatives to the Le Mans with a bit better value for money. Here are two examples of stainless steel models with ceramic bezels:

Zenith Chronomaster Sport

The Zenith models within the Chronomaster Sport collection share several attributes with the Rolex Daytona, especially the ref. 03.3100.3600/21.M3100. This watch is a considerably cheaper option than the Rolex Daytona Le Mans, but doesn’t have to shy away from the more expensive timepiece when it comes to quality or technology. Measuring in at 41 mm, the Chronomaster Sport is just 1 mm larger than the Daytona, and therefore also suitable for moderately-sized wrists.

The in-house Zenith El Primero 3600 sets the pace for this watch, beating at 36,000 vph. The caliber also features a date display at 4:30 and boasts a 60-hour power reserve. The model comes on a three-piece link stainless steel bracelet with polished middle links.

The price is also a major plus; you can purchase an unworn copy of this watch for $9,700. Brands rich in tradition and with in-house calibers don’t, in fact, have to cost you the same as a condo in the suburbs.

Exklusiver Schnellschwinger von Zenith – Chronomaster Sport Ref. 03.3100.3600/21.M3100
Exclusive high-speed watch from Zenith – the Chronomaster Sport ref. 03.3100.3600/21.M3100

TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Sport

The second example is from TAG Heuer. The Carrera Chronograph (ref. CBN2A1A.BA0643) makes an appealing alternative to the Rolex Daytona Le Mans for those with slightly larger wrists. The case measures a hefty 44 mm across and comes on a satin-finished, three-piece link stainless steel bracelet.

Like the Rolex Daytona and Zenith Chronomaster Sport, the TAG Heuer Carrera is powered by an in-house movement. The Calibre Heuer 02 runs at the now-standard 28,800 vph and boasts a power reserve of 80 hours.

For around $5,500 for an unworn example, you’re getting an excellent watch from a well-known brand with an in-house caliber.

Daytona Alternative zum fairen Preis – TAG Heuer Carrera Ref. CBN2A1A.BA0643
A well-priced Daytona alternative – the TAG Heuer Carrera ref. CBN2A1A.BA0643


There’s no denying that the Rolex Daytona Le Mans is an exceptional, high-quality luxury watch with an extremely attractive look from a brand that is considered sacred among its followers. While the official list price of $51,400 is fair enough, current market prices are almost obscenely high. The good old rule of supply and demand certainly applies here. If money is no object, then it doesn’t really matter what the watch of your dreams costs, but most of us will probably have to settle for cheaper alternatives. Only time will tell where prices are headed for the coveted Le Mans.

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